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Welcome to GritTec Laboratory (GritTec Ltd.) specializing on research and development of algorithms and technologies in the field of speech and audio processing.

GritTec's research is focused on these key points:
  - Technologies of Speech Enhancement and Speech Concealment;
  - Technologies of Voice Biometric;
  - Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis;
  - Technologies of adaptive filtration in frequency domain and time domain.


September 22, 2017
GritTec has updated dual microphone array solution of speech enhancement technology.

Jule 10, 2017
GritTec has ported code of voice identification technology for using it in Node.js environment.

May 31, 2017
GritTec has updated technology of GritTec's Speaker-ID for using with Java environment.


'm-board-vc33' Audio DSP board on the base of TI TMS320VC33 DSP uses for development of DSP alghorithms with float-point operations ...

Automatic text independent speaker identification system
is intended for automatic identification of a speech signal of unknown voice by comparing with "speaker cards", existing in the database of system. ...
Automatic voice transcription system
is used for making phonetic transcription of a speech signal of unknown voice and its language identification. ...

Single-microphone solution
of speech enhancement can be used for reduction of external hindrances and broadband color noises in speech signal. Controlled level of noises suppression in speech is up to 60 dB. ...
Microphone Array solution
of speech enhancement can be used for reduction of external hindrances and ambient noises in speech source signal. In its simplest form the technique uses two array microphone configurations. By using acoustical beam-forming techniques, the microphone array can "focus" on the speaker's position. ...
More products about speech enhancement technologies.

Pitch Shifting technology
is used for pitch scale modification (changing the harmonics structure) of speech and audio signals. Pitch shifting technology can be effectively used for changing initial music or voice into another music or voice (audio-speech effect). ...
Time stretching technology
is used for time scale modification (changing the speed or duration) of an audio signal without affecting its pitch. Principle of functioning algorithm is based on time-domain modification using SOLA technology, such as Waveform Synchronized Overlap-Add (WSOLA). ...
Sample Rate Converter
is technology used for changing sampling rate in speech and audio signals. Principle of functioning algorithm is based on methods of interpolation. ...